IT Outsourcing

YMANT offers you an extensive network of technicians covering the whole of Spain. To offer our IT outsourcing support that includes high quality installations, projects and maintenance, we count on the experience of professionals performing roles as coordinators, qualified computer technicians, project managers and network installers and installers of structured cabling and advertising screens, among others.

Go where you could not go before:

Face-to-face technical service

We cover the whole of Spain. Have the technician you need in less than 4 hours! We also offer IT staff for daily, weekly and monthly projects. Just tell us what you need and we'll adapt to your requirements. And now we're also in Europe!

We operate as a white label

We are your brand. The technicians will identify themselves on your behalf if you wish, following the agreed procedures.

Comprehensive project management

We manage the project from start to finish. This includes logistics, rollout, planning, preparation of manuals and training of technicians. In short, everything your project may need. Installations, rollouts, upgrades, cabling, Wi-Fi networks, occasional assistance, hardware support, migrations, remote hands, etc.

Ymant en Europa

24/7 service with national and European coverage

YMANT IT maintenance central offices are located in Valencia, but we also have sales offices in Valencia, Barcelona, Tenerife and Madrid. Thanks to our partners, we operate in Spain, Portugal and many European countries.

Technicians anywhere in Spain. At any time.

Delegating tasks and areas such as IT to a specialised third-party company is an option that is becoming more and more widespread. One of the reasons behind this IT outsourcing are higher costs and lower productivity than your competitors. These specialised companies, such as Ymant, are responsible for performing the functions that your own IT department would do.

It is vitally important to know the technological needs of a company and assess all the improvements that technology can offer you. Being aware of your technology needs will give you an advantage and allow you to stand out from the competition. This is why Ymant offers the IT Outsourcing service.

What is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is defined as the subcontracting of a company’s IT service, i.e., the outsourcing and delegation of the IT functions and tasks to specialised companies so that their IT experts can perform the most common tasks while the company delegating the service can focus on its own business.

If a company does not have the necessary resources, staff or knowledge to perform these tasks, it commissions the service and staff from specialised companies in this sector. With their extensive technical knowledge and highly qualified staff, they can perform the activity more easily. That is where YMANT comes in. Our IT professionals are responsible for performing these IT tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. This outsourcing of IT services has become an increasingly common practice among small and medium-sized businesses. This outsourcing saves the cost of having an internal IT department and also provides numerous benefits.

Outsourcing of IT services, turnkey projects and operating as a white label.

If you choose our IT Outsourcing service, you can focus on improving your company’s business while we take care of managing your IT.

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The consequences of not using an IT outsourcing service are as follows:

    1. Not focusing on the main activity and wasting time on other less important activities.
    2. High costs due to having to hire staff (wages, social security, etc.) to perform the most common functions of the IT department.
    3. Increased fixed costs due to having to use different technological platforms and infrastructures.
    4. Considerable risk, since not putting the technology department in the hands of experts could cause problems such as vulnerability to cyber attacks and the loss of sensitive information.
    5. Lower productivity and seasonality. Not using a specialised IT company means lower productivity for the main company and less flexibility when it comes to tasks that have to be performed seasonally.
    6. Less competitiveness.
    7. The company does not have access to the latest technologies. IT outsourcing gives access to the latest technologies and resources available to achieve the best results.

YMANT, your technology partner

Wherever you are, YMANT’s support is always close to your company

We can help you with any project, installation or incident in which our assistance is required.

  • Installation and maintenance of::
    • Dynamic Marketing Systems (Digital Signature)
    • Multimedia and interactive kiosks
    • Shift managers
    • POS
    • Computers
    • Servers
    • Printers
  • Installation and certification of networks
  • Studies and installation of wireless networks
  • Equipment rollouts
  • Comprehensive project management

All the advantages of outsourcing IT services

  • Face-to-face technical service with national coverage
  • Centralised management and running of projects
  • Logistics management
  • Your own 24/7 Call Centre
  • (SLA) Response times adapted to each project
  • Installations, cabling, structured cabling, communications, Wi-Fi, technical assistance, remote hands, equipment rollouts, migrations and more.
  • White Label. We work on your behalf with commitment and professionalism.
  • Selection and hiring of IT staff on a national level for short, medium and long-term projects.
  • Reduced labour costs and less paperwork.
  • Less risk and constant upgrades: This reduces your company’s IT vulnerability and offers better protection against cyber attacks and hacking. That way, you will prevent the loss of important information and data. Our professionals provide the most appropriate solutions based on your company’s needs.
  • Higher productivity: Having professionals who are totally focused on the IT area will save you having to assign employees to both IT tasks and tasks in other areas.
  • Increased competitiveness: Having qualified staff and technology platforms will increase the company’s competitiveness in the medium and long-term.
  • Less pressure: Outsourcing an area as important as the IT department will reduce the pressure on your company’s staff.
  • Greater security. Having highly qualified professionals who provide an ongoing advisory service brings a greater sense of security and confidence.

There are different types of IT outsourcing service and the three most common are: 

Full IT outsourcing: With this type, all functions and tasks corresponding to the IT department will be performed by the IT outsourcing company.

Partial IT outsourcing: With this option, the IT tasks are shared between the two companies. Normally, the most complex tasks are carried out by the specialised company. In these cases, there is usually very little contact between the two companies.

Strategic IT outsourcing: With this last option, they work in a coordinated and joint manner through highly active communication. The main goal is to achieve the goals together, pooling technical knowledge, staff and all available resources.

The other less frequent types are as follows:

Transition Outsourcing: This refers to hiring an IT company to change and perform the transition to a new computer system. The customer’s company is responsible for managing the new system, while the outsourcing company is responsible for the old system.

Offshore Outsourcing: This consists of performing IT tasks outside Spain.

Multiple Outsourcing: With this option, the service is purchased by different companies. The advantage is flexibility and independence. The disadvantage is that the companies may have different opinions and this could lead to arguments.

After learning about the many advantages of this service, do you think your company needs to outsource its IT service? If you have any questions about this service or if you believe that IT outsourcing could benefit your company, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


What does YMANT as a white label involve?

Our technicians work on your behalf with commitment and professionalism. We are responsible for selecting and hiring IT national staff for the management and start-up of projects as a whole or for specific tasks that your company may need.

All our knowledge and tools are at your disposal and we work as if we were part of your company.


Talk to one of our sales technicians to learn about our services first-hand. Leave us your details and we will call you:

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