Videoconference and IP Telephony


What is it?

Designed to the companies and professionals can do meetings of work with many people connected to Internet, on an easy, safe, economic way, and with high quality of video and sound HD, getting the same results as the expected in meetings.

While being a service on the cloud, it doesn’t need buying equipment and it’s with no investment. Also, you can use OIGAA Meeting through any computer, or mobile device (SmartPhone or Tablet) or create your own room of Videoconferences.

What is it for?

  • MULTISIDE MEETING: Reduces the cost of moving and optimizes meetings.
  • TELEWORKING: Improves the quality of life, and productivity of your staff.
  • TELETRAINING: Plans trainings in long distance, optimizes resources and reduces costs.
  • PERSONAL SELECTION: Broadens horizons and seeks candidates beyond your city or region, and takes the first interviews by videoconference.

IP Telephony

What advantages does it have?

It has many reasons to contract the service of Phone IP for your business or professional activity:

  • Saving till 50% each month on your bill of Phone, and internet, thanks to the flat monthly fee.
  • Improve the phone attention of your customers, thanks to the functionalities of PBX advanced; such as welcome personal messages, voicemail, Click2Call on the web.
  • With no initial investment in PBX, cables, and phone.
  • Telephone support and professional maintenance for the resolution of any question or problem, calling to 902 360 305.
  • With no minimum term

What does it offer?

We offer a service all in one, complete and economic, to each business from 2 telephones.
This service lets the customer choose their solution 100% step by step:

  • SDSL/ADSL Professional for voice and data with double Backup (compatible with access of broadband of other operators)
  • Minutes flat rates of fixed and mobile of 30 countries.
  • PBX advanced services, without limits of growth.
  • Telephone IP on desktop or adapters to conventional telephones.
  • Geographic numbers and 902 free of charge.
  • Click 2Call button for web. For your customers to call you without cost.
  • Telephone support and professional maintenance to the resolution of any question and problem.

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