Tecnological Renting Service

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Technological Renting

With YMANT concerning to the maintenance of computers in Valencia, you’ll give excellent answers to your business. Because now days, it’s not necessary that you make a big refund, to purchase computer equipment, take advantage of the economic and tax advantages that Renting offers you. Now it’s possible. Check it out!

What is Technological Renting?

Technological Renting means renting. Your business can rent all the computer equipment, and you don’t have to get your own computers. Paying a monthly fee, YMANT promises to give the equipment. Moreover, you’ll find our services of computer’s maintaining. Does equipment need to be renovated? No problem. They’ll be changed on the date written on the contract. Forget the problems, and let us take over those.

What advantages do Technological Renting and Computer Maintaining offer me?

  • You don’t have do to a big refund to get equipment.
  • It’s not needed a notarial intervention for the contracts.
  • If you want, renovation of equipment on the date agreed.
  • Your business is always going to have the newest technology without big refunds.
  • Fiscal renovations for your business. The equipment is going to be 100% deductible, instead of an investment.
  • Reduce costs. You can include all the services in the Renting (Installations, softwares, hardwares,…)
  • If you want, count with the total maintenance of computers in Valencia run by YMANT.

Example of calculation of costs

Let us say your business wants to get the next equipment.

  • 5 computers for 750€.
  • 1 server for 1200€
  • 1 printer for 300€

Also, the services of maintenance of order go to 500€.

The total refund to the acquisition of those products and services will be 5,750€.

But, how would the option of Technological Renting be?

  1. Renting for 3 years (36 months) = 194 €/month
  2. Renting for 4 years (48 months) = 155 €/month
  3. Renting for 5 years (60 months) = 132 €/month

Also the quick liquidity because to don’t have to refund. Who else?

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