Server Virtualization

Maintenance of Servers with VMware Technology

Without a doubt, virtualization is the immediate future of professional computing. It saves on costs but, above all, its most noteworthy qualities are availability and high tolerance to faults.

Virtualization and Maintenance of Servers

YMANT |IT Services has qualified experts in Virtualization with VMware and Hyper-V and our experience makes us a provider with the ability to advise you and deal with the project which your company needs.
We will help you to create a Private, Public or Mixed Cloud. Ask for a consultation with no commitment.

What is virtualization?

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Server and desktop virtualization allows us to achieve high availability and a high tolerance to faults, in addition to savings in hardware costs. Up until now, if a server in your company broke down, the time it might take to restore all the information could be up to a week and nowadays that is something that no business can afford.
Virtualization allows us to reduce this time to mere hours and sometimes allows these breakdowns to go unnoticed by the company.
We can virtualize various virtual machines (whether these are servers and/or work stations) on a single server, reducing the cost of hardware acquisition and also reducing maintenance costs. Get a free trial:

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