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Office 365

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YMANT belongs to the program of LOGOTIPO MPN and distributes the mobility solution Office 365. With this, you will can log in through any mobile or stationary device. Find out the mobility solutions that YMANT offers you and uploads to the cloud.

The Office 365’s solution can include the following software, but you can choose the plan that fits most with your needs.

  • Exchange Online, with which you can have your mail always synchronized on any device you are using. It’s compatible 100% with Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac OS.
  • Office Professional Plus Application, get the Office pack for a monthly quota, and don’t do big disbursements.
  • Online SharePoint, collaborative portal which with it’s possible to access to documents, and also share them with the staff of the company, customers, and suppliers.
  • Online Lync, intern chat which integrates video chatting.
  • Technical Support. As of Microsoft as of YMANT.

Office 365 counts with different packs which allow you to add or delete services to adjust it to the necessities of each company.

To try it out, without compromise, we give you for free a FREE TRYING OUT FOR 30 DAYS of the whole pack.

You can consult the different plans of available licenses and their characteristics, below. In case of requesting a try out, do not forget to select COMPUTER SERVICES YMANT as Partner.

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YmantOffice 365. Mobility solution-Cloud