IT Security

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IT Security

We suggest a comprehensive IT security solution for your business. With YMANT you can now be protected from any threat or risk which endangers the integrity of your company’s IT system. We therefore suggest the following solutions package:

  • Firewall.
  • VPN connectivity
  • Antivirus
  • Network usage log display and generator.
  • Mobile equipment security and management.
  • Active hardware monitoring (servers and network elements) to avoid and anticipate breakdowns.
  • Network monitoring and alerts.
  • Online Backup
  • Contingency plans for disasters.
  • Ethical hacking.
  • ISO270001 IT security auditing.

With these services your company can:

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Secure your network and monitor what is occurring on it

  • Know which websites are being viewed and filter or block access to them.
  • Ability to restrict or schedule access to social networks.
  • Firewalls to detect possible attacks and vulnerabilities and protect the network.
  • Broadband graphs and information.
  • Detection of malware, viruses, spyware, cryptolocker, etc.
  • Security and management of mobile devices. Full protection, security policies, etc.


Attacks on organisations are becoming more and more sophisticated and immune to detection by conventional IDS/IPS devices. Possible malicious activity can be difficult to spot and can even go unnoticed by classic security devices. It has therefore become necessary to review and correlate the events from various devices on a network, in order to string together and understand the series of events which can lead us to the real possibility of detecting a possible intrusion in our systems.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) software helps us to detect and follow the trail of these potential attacks and to not become lost among the innumerable logs and alerts from the various systems which compose the network infrastructure.

  • Identification and diagnosis of attacks and cybersecurity incidents.
  • Identification of perimeter security breaches and coordination in their resolution.
  • Identification of internal network security breaches and coordination in their resolution.


  • VPN connectivity so that you can work from anywhere as you would in the office.
  • Create a Wi-Fi network for mobiles and/or guests and another private network.


Protect servers, equipment and mobile devices with a centralised and managed antivirus solution.

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Log viewer

Easily access all types of logs or receive them periodically in your inbox.

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Active hardware and network monitoring

  • Anticipate failures in hard discs, ventilators, networks, etc.
  • Monitoring of network vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Our specialists will monitor the entire network to be able to anticipate any problems.

Backup files – Online Backup

  • We suggest backup file solutions with retention policies that are adapted to your company’s needs.
  • With the online backup solution, in which we keep an encrypted copy of your files in our data centre, your data will be safer than ever.
  • We monitor the backups to ensure that they are done correctly and that they can be restored.

Contingency plan

We create a contingency plan for disasters. What would happen to your company if the main server were to break down? We help you to plan and to prepare your business for a serious breakdown so that you will always know what to do.

ISO27001 IT security auditing

Do you need more? Contract our ISO27001 Security Auditing in which we analyse more than 133 control points to evaluate the state of your business in terms of security.

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