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Why wait for problems to happen?

Here at YMANT, we offer IT maintenance services which are adapted to the needs of your company, allowing you to focus on your business, without wasting unnecessary time if ever there is an incident or breakdown in your IT systems. Furthermore, thanks to our IT Support Service, when an incident cannot be resolved remotely, an IT specialist will visit your facility in the least time possible. We adapt to the needs of each client and offer them a specific IT maintenance service.

Got questions?

Please read our FAQ about maintenance contracts, vouchers and per hour assistance.

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We have commercial offices which offer our IT maintenance services in Valencia, Barcelona, Tenerife and Madrid and we have specialists all over Spain. These include our Technical Consultants, in addition to the IT Specialists, who give advice about IT solutions which will improve infrastructure, installations and hardware, making IT your business ally.

We cover all the needs that your company may have and therefore we aim to be your IT department.

What does our IT Maintenance Service offer businesses?

  • Unlimited remote Helpdesk assistance in as little as 2 hours.
  • Nationwide on-site assistance. On-site assistance from specialists in as little as 4 hours.
  • An assigned specialist team. With our IT Support Service, you will have a team of specialists assigned to your company, you will know the person you are talking to and they will know about your facilities.
  • Technical Consultants to guide your company towards the best solutions. Available on-site in Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Alicante and Madrid and available via video conference in the rest of Spain.
  • Monthly contracts with no ties. We want satisfied customers, not prisoners.
  • IT audit in which we review the critical points of your company. This service is worth more than €600 but is included free in our maintenance service contract.
  • Intranet and customer support area. Take control of your business and comfortably manage your incidents, invoices and budgets.
  • Optional hardware contract. If you wish, for a small fee we can extend the guarantee offered by manufacturers and cover all the physical breakdowns your IT equipment may suffer (computers, laptops, servers, storage and/or network electronics). Reduce costs and guarantee the repair or replacement of your IT equipment.
  • Optional replacement equipment. If you can’t stop for even a minute, we suggest a replacement equipment solution.
  • Are you looking for a more sophisticated service? We can help you with our full externalisation of your IT department service.

What will you get by hiring us?

Above all, with us you will get peace of mind and the assurance that your business will improve. We work to reduce the number of incidents, so that your business may never stop. We will advise you about how to reduce costs and we are dedicated to optimising your business by establishing a trusting and long-lasting relationship.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If, during the first month, you are not satisfied with the service, there will be no charge. Furthermore, our contracts are renewed monthly so that you can cancel at any time without any type of penalty. Monthly renewable contracts. We want satisfied customers, not prisoners.

In the customer satisfaction surveys which we frequently send to our clients, we score an average of 4.6 out of 5 and we are committed to continue striving to achieve excellence.

What do we do once we have accepted the contract?

The steps we take after the contract has been signed are as follows:

  • Registration in the system (we send you your extranet passwords and the operations manual) and the presentation of your assigned coordinator and specialists.
  • From that point on, any incidents can be reported through the channels we make available to our clients (email, extranet and telephone).
  • An initial audit in which a specialist will review your IT structure and write a report of actions, improvements and areas in which your company may reduce costs.

From then on, the assigned specialist will make periodic maintenance visits, the technical consultant will carry out follow-up visits and all incidents that may arise will be handled along with any company requests (consumables, IT materials, technical questions, etc.).

Our job is to be proactive and to generate a long-lasting and trusting relationship with our clients.


Do you think that a monthly contract is too much for your company?.Ask us about our assistance vouchers. We have vouchers for on-site assistance and vouchers for remote assistance at unbeatable prices.

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