Guarantee of data recovering

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Guarantee of data recovering

There are many ways a hard disk or equipment can get unusable. YMANT | Computer maintenance gives you the answer to these eventualities with their service of data recovering on damaged disks.

It allows to PYME’s to recover data from disks that have suffered some kind of breakdown. On this way, companies can have a plan ready against disasters. Data recovering turns into the perfect complement to the security policy of the company.

For a comfortable monthly fee, protect the most critical hard disks of your business and forget paying big amounths in case of losing information.

What do we offer?

Quick management

Data recovering simplifies the steps to follow during the process of data recovering, which allows us to recover the information in a shorter period of time.

Loss of information

As easy as to do a study of computer park, to cover. This allows us to establish the amount to cover all incidents of data loss.

Services included

  • Phone attention.
  • Transport of damaged support from the customer’s address, to the laboratory of data recovering.
  • Evaluation and diagnostic of damaged support.
  • Data recovering if it’s possible.
  • New support of same characteristics to the damaged support, if this can’t be used again, or DV (depending of the support, and the volume of data to recover).
  • Support transportation with the saved information, from the laboratory, to the customer’s address.

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YmantGuarantee of data recovering