Backup online and onsite service

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BACKUP Solution (Local-Online)

It’ll make sure the continuity of your business.

You’ll dispose of your data 99,999% sure, accessible from any location or device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptops) 24×7.

Comply the current standard. LOPD.
Save and protect the sensible data, easy, sure, and automaticly.

Automatic restauration and Remote Access.
Your data accessible from any location 24×7.

The 5 most often problems for users which Ctera solves.

  1. Backups are made with no regularity by people with no experience.
  2. Backup on tape of each office is expensive and sometimes not very profitable.
  3. Sending data through WAN, has high losses of packages, low bandwidth.
  4. Backup on tape of offices can’t be sent outside.
  5. Extra backups from offices are difficult to manage on the Data Centre.

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YmantBackup online and onsite service