Hello, we are YMANT

We help businesses by offering them IT system maintenance and installation services. We study the needs of each project in order to find the perfect solution.

  • We instil confidence

    We employ top specialists and have our own offices in Spain and Portugal.

  • More than 20,000 operations per year

    Qualified team to guarantee a job well done.

  • Leading firm in Spain

    We provide safety and security to your business

  • 24x7x365

    Technical assistance all over Spain

IT Outsourcing

External IT Services

A team of specialists, installers and project managers available at any time (24/7) and anywhere in Spain.

For businesses which need assistance with any type of hardware or software incident, for those looking to set up new IT, Communications, Audiovisual or Cabling Equipment, as well as for any type of installation – nationwide and with response times of as little as 4 hours, 24/7.

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IT Maintenance. SMBs and Franchises

Why wait for problems to happen when you can prevent them?

Our IT maintenance service includes IT consulting and technical support, both remote and on-site, with nationwide coverage.

Consultants, coordinators and technicians at your disposal. We manage your company’s infrastructure and handle IT incidents, allowing you to focus on your business without any unnecessary wasted time. We have one of the best-trained IT tech support teams in the sector.

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Cloud computing

We use a data centre and can help you make the leap into the Cloud with our infrastructure of servers.

We offer Website Hosting for programmers, Managed VPS, Housing, Domain Registration, Online Backup, as well as advanced solutions for document and email management. The best cloud storage service.

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We have representatives throughout Spain

To date, there are more than 50 professionals in the various departments of the company. Every project and each client is unique to us.

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